Casualties Since Iraqi Elections

  • US Troops Wounded: 248
  • US Troops Killed: 73

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June 09, 2004


Thomas Ward

Strange how Chertoff gave a pass (or seems to have) to someone that wired 5.7 million $ to ?? (a family friend of Bin Laden) Dr. Elamir - who sought to get Bin Laden "conventional and nuclear arms" *********************(see Article seems to say that Chertoff defended Elamir--Moreover, When Chertoff was ?? assistant attorney general and was the one charged with the responsibility to prosecute ******************************* ***“By the time Operation Diamondback culminated in arrests in the summer of 2001, Michael Chertoff was the Assistant Attorney General in charge of the criminal division and Operation Diamondback would have fallen under his prevue since it was a criminal case and not a counterterrorism case,” Duncan said. *******************Why do I post this here?? Its because, I think, Dinh worked hand and glove with Chertoff on this "pass" and (in contrast) the prosecution of John Walker Lindt**
I can"t seem to paste the article here. You can find it I'm sure---unless things are even worse than they now seem. Don't forget the missing e-mails about Chertoff's involvment with the questioning of JWL in Afghanisten. O yes, things seem to be getting VERY STRANGE. To see what missing emails-- google "missing emails, Chertoff Have a nice day.

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