Casualties Since Iraqi Elections

  • US Troops Wounded: 248
  • US Troops Killed: 73

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December 14, 2004



yeah right, the NY Times, a conservative rag trying to spin for Bush. It's quite clear to the common reader that the NYT was trying every journalistic trick in the book to sink Bush. But now, you suspect that their writing is not only not liberal, not the fair report, but conservative spin. All because they won't call it torture.

I know, in your world, you'd sit the bad guys killing our soldiers down in a nice cell, offer them a turkish coffee, pack of cigarettes, and ask them won't they please put their weapons down, and stop all this nasty business.
Meanwhile, had these same 'roughly' treated individuals captured you, despite your traitorous pleadings, would have sawn off your largely empty cranium.

Do you actually care if we use 'harsh' methods to deter these maniacs??? If so, you need to get yourself on the front lines, and I'll bet you change your tune very quickly.

random desi

imagine for a second it is your family out there fighting for their country, and they are captured.. How would you want them treated? It is not the soldiers who are the enemies. They are the ones that carry out the cause, not the ones who started it nor can end it. In war, humanity must be respected when you have prisoners and wounded... Or we are no longer humans ourselves. We are supposed to be the civilized one in the war right? Not the ones doing the decapitating.


Random desi, civilized war? Like in Star Trek where the casualties were to report to elimination chambers? War is fought to be one, not to be scored on civility points. That being said, POW's can be treated humanely, given that they are only carrying out orders.

Clearly we're not the ones doing decapitating. Clearly we're the ones with the policy of Geneva convention treatment. Some exceptions like Abu Ghraib happen, but by and large POW guests of the US do very well in relation to POWs held and killed by the Islam side.

US haters like AD work so hard to pump hot air into the few doubtful cases of abuse on the US side. Why doesn't he spend his energy fighting the actual bad guys, the ones that are homicide bombing Iraqi's, decapitating civilians, and trying to slide the country back into Taliban style cruelty.

You and AD need to go to and watch the decapping videos... you clearly need to understand we're not fighting a battle with civilised folks. These are the lowest forms of life this planet has ever seen.

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