Casualties Since Iraqi Elections

  • US Troops Wounded: 248
  • US Troops Killed: 73

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June 09, 2005



Ridiculous you are, once again. A quick qoute from a random googling on trespass: "The law makes a distinction between criminal trespass and civil trespass; a criminal trespass is an offense against the state and is punishable as a crime, while a civil trespass is an offense against a private party."

You do know the meaning of the word 'illegal' right? OK, so if an immigrant status is 'illegal', then it doesn't take too much of your imagination to say that the illegal immigrant is committing an offense agaist the state, i.e. trespass.

See, Desi the legal immigrant (so you keep saying), in this county, unlike your beloved Pakistan, we have laws. Laws are enforced. If someone wants to apply for entrance into the USA, let them follow the legal procedure.

Unless you have something against following federal law? Do you?


This is just a way for a local government to authorize draconian racial profiling. Every non-white person in this town can be stopped, questioned and asked for identification, while the white people can enjoy their public space freely. It is outrageous and reeks of the policies of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and the Taliban Afghanistan.


Kumar, if USA policies even actually remotely resembled those that you mention, you and Desi would have been packed off in a crate and shipped whence you came a long time ago. The fact that Desi and his ilk can spew forth against America, while availing themselves to all the great things this country offers, is proof that our policies here in the USA are anything but fascist.

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