Casualties Since Iraqi Elections

  • US Troops Wounded: 248
  • US Troops Killed: 73

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June 09, 2005



Desi, you are, simply put, a cheap sellout. You blather on incessantly about how the big corp is screwing the little guy. Then, the minute you get offered some money, you rollover on all your previous diatribe and join 'the Man'. Wow man. Oh wait a minute, now you say, "I was never against ALL corporations... just the ones that didn't buy me off!" That turnabout didn't take long or much money at all, did it?

Reformer my ass. He is going to tolerate 'the Man', only because he, Desi MBA, will FIX what's wrong. Oh sure. Structural changes to reward/incentive system... big words, fresh from his MBA textbooks, but what the hell do they mean to Desi? What experiment wouldst thou run, oh Whiney one? When thou comest up with the answer, why not march up to the Man's office, that would be CEO for the rest of us, and tell him what's what and how come.
Nah, he'll say in a wimpy rationalization, I'm gonna do it from the bottom up. Yeah, right. Keep it coming.

Wait till your new large household world corp finds out the anti US bile you've been spitting out. Notice that in the next five years, in the extremely unlikely event you can hold down a real job, that you just aren't getting promoted at all, grad degree or not. You're being continually passed over by numskulls with half your intelligence, but with thrice better your 'blame the establishment for my failures' attitude. You're screwed already, and you don't even know it.

Yes, you would link to those poor innocent muslims in Lodi... they're just victims of a witchhunt... it's not like they really graduated from terrorist school already, or completed a terrorist act yet. Forget the affadavit about being trained to kill Americans. Probably coerced into that statement under threat of having to watch someone touching the Qoran with dirty hands... the horror, the horror.

Oh, and I can help you with your transitioning to this new schedule thing called work. Here's a program designed for you: show up at 0830, and actually try and do some work till like 5:30pm, then as soon as the boss leaves, you run out the door too. Make sure the boss sees you pretending to work diligently as he heads out the door. Here's a tip though: big corps trace employees online activity... if you don't want to get fired right away (I mean you will in less than a year in all probability, but let's try and get you as close to the one year mark as possible), then try not browse all those Islamic and hate-the-US blogs, like you used to as a grad student, feeding off our educational system, all the while criticising those who provide it to you.

I know this schedule will be tough for you, and I predict to your audience that, in less than one year, you will conjure up some work environment excuse to quit and go back to be a full time 'student'. If only your company knew what a legal liability you are.... you're just probably waiting to sue them on all kinds of discrimination actions.

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