Casualties Since Iraqi Elections

  • US Troops Wounded: 248
  • US Troops Killed: 73

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June 16, 2005



Desi writes: 'I'll take a president who lies about blowjobs any day over a president who lies about intelligence leading to war. Less people die with blowjobs...'

Once again, fatally flawed logic. First of all, it's proven that Clinton lied about his dalliance. It's only an allegation by you and other leftist cranks that Bush lied about intelligence. One down.
Second, if Clinton would lie so boldfaced about his side action with pig lady, what else did he lie about or not tell the American people about? Strike two.
Third, if Clinton wasn't so busy getting blown in the Whitehouse, perhaps he could have properly taken care of your compadre Bin Laden when had the PERFECT clean shot, and we would still have two more skyrscrapers in NY, 3000 more US citizens alive, and 1700 more US soldiers alive. 0 and 3... you and you're addled brain are outta here.

Yeah, Desi, you're always getting angry... problem is, you're alwas on the perversely wrong side of the argument.

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